Common Misconceptions about Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles are usually the go-to roofing material for Atlanta homes due to their durability and affordability. Plus, you get to explore a variety of styles to suit your interests and architectural designs. However, despite this popularity, there are several misconceptions about asphalt shingles. 

Let’s debunk some of these misconceptions to help you make better decisions about your Atlanta roofing needs.

Vulnerability to Atlanta’s Harsh Climate

Concerns about the rapid deterioration of asphalt shingles in Atlanta’s climate often arise due to the city’s hot and humid weather conditions. Modern asphalt shingle manufacturers specifically engineer their products to withstand these challenges.

Asphalt shingles have developed advanced formulations and technologies over time that enhance the durability and resilience of asphalt shingles. This ensures they can withstand prolonged exposure to high temperatures, UV radiation, and occasional yet severe weather events.

Additionally, professional installation techniques, including proper ventilation and sealing, further contribute to the longevity of asphalt shingle roofs in Atlanta.

Lack of Aesthetic Appeal

The misconception that asphalt shingles lack aesthetic appeal overlooks the wide range of design options available today. Far from being dull or unattractive, asphalt shingles offer diverse colors, textures, and styles to suit every architectural preference. From subtle earth tones to bold shades, you can customize asphalt shingles to complement any exterior color scheme and architectural style. It adds character and curb appeal to residential properties across Atlanta’s neighborhoods. 

Furthermore, innovative manufacturing techniques have enabled the replication of premium roofing materials like slate and cedar shakes in asphalt shingle form, providing cost-effective alternatives without compromising aesthetics.

High Maintenance

Despite the widespread belief that they require a lot of maintenance, asphalt shingles require very little, especially when installed by qualified professionals. Such maintenance tasks may include periodic gutter cleaning to prevent debris buildup and occasional roof inspections to identify and address any potential issues promptly. 

The latest advancements in roofing technology have led to the development of algae-resistant and impact-resistant asphalt shingles, further reducing the need for frequent repairs and replacements. With proper care and attention, asphalt shingle roofs can withstand the rigors of Atlanta’s climate and continue to provide reliable protection for years to come.

Not Environmentally Friendly

While it’s true that asphalt shingles traditionally relied heavily on petroleum-based materials, many manufacturers now incorporate recycled content into their production processes. This eco-conscious approach reduces dependence on finite resources and minimizes waste by giving new life to materials that would otherwise end up in landfills. 

Moreover, the latest developments have made it possible to recycle asphalt shingles at the end of their lifespan, further reducing their environmental impact. In addition, some manufacturers have pioneered innovative shingle designs to promote energy efficiency. One notable example is the development of cool roof shingles that reflect sunlight and reduce heat absorption.

Whether you’re looking to replace an existing roof or start a new construction project, asphalt shingles offer a versatile and dependable solution for homes throughout Atlanta’s diverse neighborhoods. Reach out to the expert team at Remove & Replace Roofing for all your roofing needs. Visit our website to schedule an appointment and get a free estimate. You can also call us at (404) 963-7196.