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    About Roof Maxx

    Roof Maxx represents the cutting-edge revolution in roof maintenance you’ve been waiting for. Our advanced treatment technology transforms your existing roof into a stronger, more resilient barrier against time and the elements. Our soy-based formula is not only environmentally friendly but also deeply penetrates your shingles, restoring their flexibility and waterproof protection

    Reduces maintenance and replacement costs
    Employs natural, sustainable ingredients
    Quick and hassle-free application

    Key Features of Roof Maxx:

    Roof Maxx, a revolutionary soy-based roofing solution, addresses the aging process of asphalt shingles by replenishing essential oils. This application rejuvenates shingle flexibility through a quick, low-pressure process that penetrates shingles within 30 minutes. It ensures no stains or oil residues on building materials, with restored flexibility in just 72 hours. Extend the life of your roof with Roof Maxx’s effective and efficient treatment.


    Years Of Experience

    Our Work Speaks for itself

    23:03 20 Jan 24
    Excelent and profesional guys! Great quality work!
    Tom ViiloTom Viilo
    21:30 16 Jan 24
    Victor is so helpful, love the drone video and he will fix my roof
    Kavita GorawalaKavita Gorawala
    16:42 13 Jan 24
    Victor is very helpful and nicely explained roof issues. Very professional approach
    Kemely LlanesKemely Llanes
    00:15 07 Nov 23
    I called this company to get some professional advice for my roof ! And Yeimi was so helpful and kind . As an investor in Miami and ATL I would definitely keep working with them long terms ! 100% recommended
    Rodolfo RubioRodolfo Rubio
    00:07 07 Nov 23
    Very professional, definitely I recommend Victor and his team did a excellent job.
    Victor and his team went above and beyond while replacing my roof, installing 6 new gutters, and repairing my siding. The team also did additional repairs that I appreciate and was very pleased with.Victor and Team, I really appreciate your kindness, hard work, promptness, your time and dedication to making sure that All the work was completed not only before the time expected but completed beautifully and met all my expectations !!I will definitely refer and use R & R Roofing in the Future!! Thank you for your services! 😊😊
    Juana SheikhJuana Sheikh
    16:38 15 Mar 22
    Our experience with R&R was FAST! Yeimy & Naisla (who were our first point of contact) had us scheduled right away. We are happy with the outcome. Services completed were roof installation, gutters cleaned, as well as drywall repair/ painted. I didn’t get the gentleman’s name who was here but he worked quietly also fast, cleaned up his work area and left it like new. I do recommend this company. Thank you Jamie for being responsive!
    Keegan Asiedu-AkrofiKeegan Asiedu-Akrofi
    16:33 09 Feb 22
    Alejandra and Genesis where really awesome and knowledgeable about their job, they did a good job dealing with my insurance company with no issue and made the whole process very simple. The crew made sure everything was taking care of in a timely and professional manner. Would highly recommend R&R roofing and would definitely work with them with other projects in the future.

    Explore Our Roof Maxx Application Services

    Discover Roof Maxx at Mills Roofing, an innovative solution to extend your roof’s lifespan. Let’s discuss how our expert application can minimize damage and preserve shingle integrity for homes and commercial buildings in Tahoe, Reno, and surrounding areas. Enhance your roof’s longevity and durability with our specialized services.

    Roof Maxx: Elevate Your Roofing Experience with Eco-Friendly Brilliance and Longevity!

    Environmentally Conscious Choice
    Roof Maxx is a people, pets, and property-friendly solution, certified as a USDA Bio-Preferred product. Beyond its safety, it contributes to environmental well-being by extending the life of your roof, offering a sustainable and cost-effective alternative to roof replacement while reducing landfill waste.

    Improved Shingle Flexibility and Stronger Adhesion

    Roof Maxx provides deep enrichment to improve the flexibility and performance of your shingles. This enhancement allows shingles to better adapt to variations in roof structure. Furthermore, the solution greatly improves adhesion between shingles, establishing a robust bond that boosts the overall structural integrity of your roof.

    Improved Shingle Permeability

    Roof Maxx enhances shingle permeability by around 60%, ensuring optimal ventilation for your roof. This promotes improved airflow and moisture control within your roofing system. Increased breathability helps prevent problems like mold, mildew, and rot, ultimately extending the lifespan of your roof.

    Advanced Hail Safeguard

    Protect your roof from the devastating impact of hailstorms with Roof Maxx. Hail can inflict severe damage, causing dents, cracks, or punctures in shingles and dislodging granules. Roof Maxx acts as a shield, reducing the average hail depression by about 24%, fortifying your roof against potential damage and extending its overall lifespan.

    Fire Safety

    Prioritize your family's safety with Roof Maxx, a non-combustible roofing solution. Engineered to prevent an increase in fire spread or flames, Roof Maxx ensures essential fire safety measures for your property. Rest easy, knowing that your roof is well-protected in the event of a fire emergency.

    Prolonged Roof Longevity

    Experience the extended lifespan of your roof with Roof Maxx. Each treatment adds five years to your roof's durability. With ongoing applications, you can further extend it up to 15 years, offering outstanding value and long-term cost savings. Rest assured, this product comes with a transferable five-year warranty from the manufacturer.

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